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  • Music And Emotions
    Music is a very poweful tool. It can affect your psychology very fast. Remember the last time you listened to a happy song being in a bad mood and you got high before the song ended. Or the opposite. Remember the last time you where high and while listening to a sad song your psychologyContinue reading “Music And Emotions”
  • Emotions (the strange transformation of them)
    Emotions. We all experience a variety of emotions every day. Some are positive while others negative. Some are stronger while others are weaker. There are also situations in which we experience mixed emotions. In reality, every moment of our lives we experience mixed emotions. Why? Because every emotion we experience is a combination of positiveContinue reading “Emotions (the strange transformation of them)”
  • The walking meditation
    Something that is very popular these days is “The Walking Meditation”. I hear many people saying that they enjoy to do the walking meditation but when I ask them how they do it and what is this that they like so much about it, their answer always makes me wonder if they know that theyContinue reading “The walking meditation”
  • How to deal with distractions
    Do you find it difficult to focus on your meditation procedure? Do you feel often distracted by thoughts, sounds or anything else than happen around you, or inside you, while you meditate? Does it sound like a reason for you to quit your meditation? If you feel like this, then this article is for you.Continue reading “How to deal with distractions”
  • How to choose your meditation place
    Where is the best place to meditate? Does it have to be loud or quiet? Near the nature or in a quiet room? Many people are unable to decide where to meditate, so they use this as an excuse not to meditate at all. In fact, you can meditate wherever you are right now andContinue reading “How to choose your meditation place”
  • Meditation Postures
    Hello everyone! In this article I would like to talk about meditation postures. Many people feel confused when they try to find the right posture to meditate. In a few words, we could safely say that there is not a right meditation posture. You can literally meditate at any pose you want. Whatever works forContinue reading “Meditation Postures”
  • Anapanasati – The breathing meditation
    One of the most common meditation techniques is “Anapanasati”. In other words: “The Breathing Meditation”. Practising “Anapanasati” is not that difficult. If you have practised a lot how to become present, “Anapanasati” is the next step you can take in order to go just a step deeper to your meditation practice. “Anapanasati” is basically whenContinue reading “Anapanasati – The breathing meditation”
  • How to start your meditation journey
    What do we call meditation? Meditation is the conscious observation of the present. This basically means three things: 1. You need to be present, which means that your mind must focus on the present while meditating. Not in the past. Not in the future. 2. You need to be conscious about what you see, hear,Continue reading “How to start your meditation journey”
  • Intro
    Everyone wants to have a balanced emotional world, but, every time we experience a negative emotion, it makes us feel sick. Meditation helps. This is true, but, how easy is it to enter the world of meditation? When I started my journey to meditation life I experienced many problems. I felt meditation like a taskContinue reading “Intro”