How to start your meditation journey

What do we call meditation? Meditation is the conscious observation of the present. This basically means three things:

1. You need to be present, which means that your mind must focus on the present while meditating. Not in the past. Not in the future.

2. You need to be conscious about what you see, hear, think or feel in general.

3. Thirdly it is observation. As long as you consciously observe something that happens at the present moment you can call it a meditation experience.

Many people find it hard to start their meditation journey. This happens because they are unable to understand these three things. Consciousness, Observation, Be present. If one of these three is missing, it is hard to call it meditation.

Another thing that makes it hard for many people to meditate is the fact that they try to experience more advanced meditation techniques than they can handle. So, how can you easily start your meditation journey and avoid situations like these?

The answer is very simple. Just follow the steps below:

1. Choose a place where you want to meditate. It can be at your house, but it is much better if you choose a place near nature.

2. Leave your eyes open.

3. Look around you. Listen around you. Smell and feel whatever it is around you. See every detail around you. What are the colours around you? How do they blend together? How do they fade? What shapes have the objects around you? See whatever you didn’t see so far. Notice whatever you didn’t notice so far. Do the same with the sounds, the smell, with everything. Try to listen for details. Notice the smell around you. Where does it come from? How strong is it? Feel the wind on your skin (if there is any wind).

Do this consciously for a couple of minutes every day. As long as you do this, you need to really focus on what you observe. Don’t judge. Just observe.

This is the first step you need to do in order to enter the world of meditation smoothly. Practise this a couple of times before you try to look inside you. Before you go any deeper, you need to fully understand how it is to become present.

How was your first meditation experience?

Let me know about it.

Fotis De Tao.


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