Everyone wants to have a balanced emotional world, but, every time we experience a negative emotion, it makes us feel sick. Meditation helps. This is true, but, how easy is it to enter the world of meditation?

When I started my journey to meditation life I experienced many problems. I felt meditation like a task that I must do rather than a joyful procedure. Furthermore, I felt like I couldn’t focus on the procedure. That’s why I decided to create a method that can help me as well as everyone else to enter the world of meditation easily. A technique that can lead you step by step from zero to really deep meditation experiences.

I decided to combine my 20 years knowledge of music and sound engineering with the ancient philosophy of Tao. A meditation method created by all the above it could mean only one thing. An entertaining, yet powerful, meditation tool.

As I said before, by practising this technique you can lead yourself from zero to really deep meditation experiences. It takes time. Nothing comes without an effort. But, I.M. Meditation can transform this boring or even scary journey to a joyful experience.

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Fotis De Tao.


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