Emotions (the strange transformation of them)

Emotions. We all experience a variety of emotions every day. Some are positive while others negative. Some are stronger while others are weaker. There are also situations in which we experience mixed emotions. In reality, every moment of our lives we experience mixed emotions. Why? Because every emotion we experience is a combination of positive and negative emotions.

Every time we experience an emotion, in reality, there are plenty of emotions experienced at the same moment in different amount. Some are stronger while others are weaker. But, the final result we feel is a combination of all these different emotions.

For example: Imagine you have a feeling of sadness. The opposite of sadness is happiness. Both emotions are inside you at the same moment. If you feel sad, means that sadness has a bigger amount of energy than happiness. The more you feel sad, the bigger the energy of sadness, according to happiness, flows inside your body. If you feel sad but not so sad, it means that both sadness and happiness are somewhere in the middle. Of course, the scale turns slightly to sadness.

This also applies to emotions of the same category (positive or negative). For example: when you feel sad, it doesn’t mean that you experience only sadness. All the negative emotions are present that moment. Again, different amount of energy for every emotion flows inside your body. So, when you experience an emotion, it is always a combination of positive and negative emotions in different values. When you feel sadness, there is also a taste of fear, anger, hatred but also happiness, courage etc.

Now, there is a tricky part. If you have all these emotions inside you at the same moment, why do you feel only one of them? This happens for two reasons. The first one is obvious. This happens because the emotion you feel is the bigger of all. In this case, if you train yourself to become mindful you can clearly see all the other emotions inside you. But, the is another, not so obvious, reason why you feel only one emotion.

There are many times we experience a transformation of an emotion. What does this mean? Many times an emotion (let’s say fear) is activated by natural information. For example: a hungry lion in front of us. In order to fight this emotion, we deny it, making ourselves believe that we don’t experience it at all. In addition, we block all the other emotions that we experience this moment in order to avoid the presence of the real emotion. But, the energy of this emotion is huge and it needs to be released somehow. This is where the emotion delivers its energy to another emotion (let’s say anger). Now we feel angry but the real emotion we need to calm is not anger. It’s fear! We can fight anger for a long time without any result. We will not feel cured by our anger until we find the emotion which is hidden behind this energy.

This is where I.M. Meditation technique can do miracles. I.M. Meditation can help you be mindful of your emotional world so you can work with the real emotion each time. Of course, this is not an overnight progress. It takes time, but, as long as you walk the right path, you have nothing to be afraid of.

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Fotis De Tao.



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