Why is it important for all of us to sing

Some people were born blessed with the gift of a smooth voice. Others were born with the gift of a perfect musical ear able to recognize very easily every little detail of the music they perform or listen to. Others lack any of these music talents.

Me, although I am a music teacher now, I am a person who lacks all of these talents. It took so many years to be able to recognize the frequencies. Furthermore, my voice was always weak because of some medical issues. GERD and allergic rhinitis made my vocal abilities very difficult. In conclusion, I was always a mediocre singer (I still am), but people usually enjoy my singing. Why? Because when I sing I do it with passion. I was almost always out of tune but I was always deep inside the emotions I was singing for. This is why if you make a question to everyone who was there in my live shows, he will say that I am not the best singer but something makes them want to listen to me singing. My emotional statement on stage was what made them follow me in my shows. You see, maybe with these vocal abilities I am unable to follow a singer career but I am definitely able to keep a balance to my emotional world just by singing a few notes. I can transform my emotional statement in any emotion I want, easily in a few seconds, just by singing.

Let’s make this clear. You do not need to be a singer to have the right to sing. Singing, dancing, swimming and many other arts or sports are physical needs of every human and not a luxury for a few people. It doesn’t matter if some people do it better, or to say better, in a more fancy way. This doesn’t forbid the others to practise it. Imagine to allow people to sleep only if they don’t snore, or allow people to eat only if they have totally white teeth!

So, it doesn’t matter if you are a good dancer or not. It is your right to express your emotions through dancing, even if you don’t know a single dancing step. Maybe you will never be able to win a dance competition but you will benefit yourself with this psychosomatic procedure. Same thing with music. You don’t need to be a singer in order to sing. Even if your vocal abilities are weak, singing is still a powerful tool which helps you express your emotions and release energy. This way you can achieve balance in your internal world. Nobody has the right to deprive you of this therapeutic procedure. Singing is a natural need. Like food and sleep. Make singing a part of your everyday life via I.M. Meditation technique. Close your ears and open your soul to let your internal melody act beneficially to yourself.

Fotis De Tao.



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