Will you help me to spread love and kindness to the world?

Hello my friends!

This post is about how to spread love and kindness to the world. If you believe that we need to do something so we can eliminate violence and encourage love and kindness to people, please read this until the end!

First of all, thank you so much for showing interest for this website. As you already know, this is a website about Internal Melody Meditation technique, a technique which combines the ancient philosophy of Tao with the modern science of music therapy.

I can proudly say that this technique has already helped a few people walk their meditation path and live plenty of joyful moments during their day. This is very important for balancing our internal world.

Now let me tell you a few words about why and how I have created this meditation technique. I have spend more than half of my life creating and performing healing music. What do I mean healing music? A music which helps me release negative energy and encourages positive emotions to appear. For more than ten years I perform and teach music to people of all ages. From very young to elder people. I can clearly see how my students transform their emotional world after a few lessons of their favorite instrument. I usually teach guitar or music production. I have also experienced myself a huge transformation using my own internal music. From my first steps in music I have noticed how powerful tool is. This is why I decided to spend my life to it. I have studied audio engineering to have a deeper understanding of how music works and why it affects our psychology so much. For those who don’t know, music is basically a combination of sounds. After finishing my studies and having a great knowledge of the engineering of music, I started to work with music in a full time basis. All these years I perform as a guitar player or vocalist, I have composed and produced a lot of underground projects, I have worked as audio engineer in plenty of gigs, I have been also a DJ for many years and of course I have teach many students about the emotional benefits of music.

Growing up, studying and exploring music deeper and deeper and doing a lot of mistakes all these years, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience on how music really works and how we can use it as a meditation tool so we can balance our emotional world efficiently.

A meditation tool made by music is much easier for someone to follow because it is very entertaining and very familiar. Everyone has some experience of music, even as a listener. So I decided to create this technique and help people walk a joyful and very entertaining meditation path.

My goal is to spread the I.M. Meditation philosophy to the world and see more smiley faces and less angry people globally.  World acts so violently these days. We need to stop this. Music was always a way to stop violence. Meditation was always another one. Imagine what we can achieve by combining these two gifts to one.

This is why I am asking you to help me by supporting my project on Kickstarter! If you believe that we deserve an emotionally balanced world with less violence and more love and kindness, please back my project. Your help is really important for me! Of course backing this project you can receive plenty of beautiful rewards all been made with love! Whether you want to simply support us or become an I.M. Meditation Instructor on your own you will find plenty of joyful rewards!

If you are interested, please follow the link below and back for the reward you prefer!

I wish you a joyful life!

Fotis De Tao.

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