What energy really is?

Energy! What is energy? Every different philosophy / science has given energy a different definition. This has resulted in letting people be confused about what energy really is. Having this confusing explanations about energy, no one can understand the nature of the energy. In this section I will explain to you the energy as I learned it, felt it and lived it by myself working my way through philosophy, science etc. From Tantra to Tao and from audio engineering to sailing, every chapter of my life had a unique explanation about what energy really is. These different views of energy helped me to fully understand what energy is and how it affects everything around it.

Energy is a term that we often see in physics. We always listen to terms like electric energy, magnetic energy etc. If you take a look at the most recent masters of eastern philosophies you will find the term bioelectromagnetic energy. Bioelectromagnetic energy is the energy that flows inside us. This term is far from random. You see, human is a complex machine that even today we are not able to understand it completely. There is a whole universe inside every human body. Let’s dive deeper to this universe inside the human body.

How can a sperm which travels and finds an ovum becomes a complex machine with millions of operations? This happens because human body is a group of little tiny particles that they interact with each other. During human’s life, many particles enter his body while others leave it. So, let’s name these little tiny particles “magnets”. Why magnets? Because they really are. These little particles attract each other like magnets do. Even planets attract each other. Like the universe is made of uncountable planets that attract each other, so is the human body made of uncountable particles that attract each other. That’s why a human body is like a little universe. And these particles are like little tiny magnets.

For that reason the energy inside us is called bioelectroMAGNETIC. Because it’s made by the attraction of these little magnets. More on that later. But how can these particles attract each others like magnets? How do they build a magnetic field so they can attract anything in that? The reason that these little magnets can attract each other is because these magnets are charged with electricity. Yes, inside your body electric energy flows. When you taste a passionate kiss and feel like your body is charged with electricity you are not cheated. It is real electricity that flows inside you. How does this happen we will explain it later. At the moment keep that the energy inside you is called bioELECTROmagnetic because it is made by electrically charged magnets. Finally this energy is called BIOelectromagnetic because this electromagnetic activity takes place in a living body. I guess this one was obvious.

The interesting thing is that as these little tiny magnets attract each other, they build a bigger and stronger magnet made of all these little magnets. And these new bigger magnets attract each other and they build a bigger magnet and so on. In this way your organs are created, furthermore your whole body. So you have to think about human as a collection of magnets that are made of smaller magnets etc. It is obvious to think that human is a part of the universe. Because human can attract other humans or animals, plants etc and build something bigger.

As you may understand the energy inside you comes from these tiny magnets. In a few words energy is the attraction caused of these magnets. But what is really the energy and how it flows inside you? In order to answer this question you need to learn first what exists between these magnets. And here the things become a bit complicated.

Some scientists believe that between these magnet nothing exists. Literally nothing. Others believe that simply air exists. Others are sure that something exists but they haven’t discovered it yet. Some people claim that if you collect the material of the whole mankind you will have a material that it will not be bigger that a cube of sugar. This may be true or may not. Maybe it’s just an exaggeration but it is based on logical proof. There are many answers about this and they will definitely confuse you.

Now, if you see human like a piece of fabric you may realize that these explanations may be real. Think about it. When you see a fabric from a distance, you believe that this fabric is compact. But when you take a closer look on it you will realize that between the threads there is some empty space. The truth is that this empty space is covered by the air that flows between the threads. You cannot see it but it exists. It doesn’t really matter if it is air or nothing that flows between the threads. The important thing is that the threads attract each other in a way that make the fabric look compact.

More or less the same happens with the human body. These tiny magnets attract each others and create an illusion that the human body is compact but in reality it is not. Between the magnets there is an empty space. Even if it is a totally empty space or air flows in that space it doesn’t really matter for you in order to understand what energy is, because in this empty space the energy flows. How? You will learn about it soon. These magnets inside you not only attract each other but they also move to the space around them. This random (or not) movement of the magnets create some vibrations. (You will have the opportunity to understand better the vibrations when we will talk about the sound). If you could stop the movement of the magnets and take a really close photo of them you would see some magnets scattered here and there inside your body and around them nothing. But, because these magnets attract each other and move to the space, they create these vibrations. These vibrations make your body look like compact.

If you hit a string of a guitar you will notice that the string will enlarge. This is caused by the vibrations that the string creates. The truth is that the string hasn’t changed its mass but it looks larger because the vibrations make it look like this. Let me explain how this happens. When you hit a string you force it to move up and down fast and continuously. This way the string covers the space around it and looks bigger. The truth is that it is not bigger. It shows bigger to you because your eyes are not able to catch the fast movement of the string. Furthermore, this fast movement causes a disruption in the environment around the string because it violently changes its magnetic field. These are the vibrations that the string causes.

More or less the same happens with your body. The fast movement of the magnets make your body look like compact but it is not. If these magnets weren’t moved, your body would look more like a web.

Now about the energy. Let’s have a summary. When the magnets inside you are charged with electricity they start to attract each other. While they are attracting they start to move fast in the space around them. Then they create vibrations because they rapidly change the magnetic field around them. These changes in the magnetic field, so these vibrations, are the energy inside you.

As you notice, energy isn’t something spooky. It is real. It is just vibrations caused by the rapid movement of electrically charged magnets which attract each other. And these magnets are real particles.

From now on, when you listen to someone talking about the energy inside you, you have to think about these vibrations between your particles.

I hope I gave you a good explanation about what energy really is without being tired. Now, if you are a scientist and found this explanation kind of silly you have to forgive me. You need to understand that for us, the common people, your terms sound really confusing. And for me it is very important that anyone who studies this course is able to fully understand what energy really is. This is a must for anyone who wants to meditate successfully.

For you who want to expand your knowledge about energy in a more scientific way there are plenty of books and articles written by masters of any science that can help you go deeper. Now that you know the basics about what energy is, let’s go deeper and talk about the movement of the energy and how this movement affects your internal world and not only that.

Fotis De Tao


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