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Hello everyone!

I created this post to inform you that with your support you gave me so much energy to work hard for I.M. Meditation courses. I would like to announce to you that the I.M. Meditation Instructor Course is already done (except the assessments) and published on my website:



The other three courses “Beginner Trainer”, “Intermediate Trainer” and “Advanced Trainer” are almost done. The texts and pages are ready and also published. What misses are the videos which I film this period and of coarse all the assessments.

All courses will be officially released at the end of September. Until then, the courses will be on the website for testing purposes. You can join the courses, test the environment, learn and practise all the practices for free or at a big discount (you choose) and give us your feedback. This way we can create the most entertaining online meditation school!

You can find details right here:



Unfortunately at Kickstarter campaign we didn’t reach our goal but this is not a problem.

For those who still want to support us, you can subscribe to any of our membership plans or use the donation form at this page:



This is very important for us so we can officially release all the courses and work for the next projects! What do you think? Does this project deserve your love? Show us your love today! And if you believe it is worthy, send it to a friend.

Fotis De Tao.

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