I.M. Meditation Technique – General info for the stage of transients

Welcome to the first stage of the I.M. Meditation technique. In this stage, we will work with transients. Transient is a type of sound. The main characteristic of this type of sound is the big amount of energy in a very short time. The purpose of this first stage is to prepare your body for the changes that will come.

Think about this stage as the warm-up of your meditation session. It is very similar to the warm-up you do at the gym before you start your main program. Warm-up is very important because it can increase your meditation performance. At the same time, by having a prepared body, you can easily avoid any frustrating moment during your meditation procedure.

Think about it this way. If you were a football player and you entered the field without warming up what could happen? First of all your performance would be very low. Secondly, you could have serious damage in case of an accident. On the other hand, having done a successful warm-up your performance would be at its highest. Furthermore, in the case of an accident, the damage would be lesser than the first case.

The same thing happens in meditation. If you have a great warm-up, you can reach a deeper meditation state. Moreover, you can easily pass through a difficult emotional state without letting it affect you so much.

It is highly recommended to practise all three stages of I.M. Meditation at once but, even if you practise them separately you can still benefit yourself from every stage.

Now, how transients and any other step of this first stage can help you warm up your body? Let’s talk a bit about the beneficial properties of transients.

Transients, as we said before, can release a big amount of energy in a very short period. This can help you snap the negative energy out of your vital organs. You know, positive and negative energy of your emotions is stored in different vital organs. So, transients are really useful for snapping this energy out of them. Moreover, this first stage helps you relax your body, remove your consciousness from the external world, focus inside you, make a journey with your energy inside your body and prepare it for the second and most important stage of I.M. Meditation.

How can you achieve all the above? I will tell you right now. Let’s explain each step of this stage one by one.

This stage has four basic and one optional step. Each step has a purpose. In the next few minutes, I will explain to you how you can practise all these steps so you can achieve the most out of them. Before we enter into the detailed explanation of the steps, I would like to tell you that I.M. Meditation has been designed to be a 100% joyful procedure. This means that, once you have learned how to practise every step, you can trust yourself and practise them as you wish. You can skip some steps or you can focus more on some than others. If, while practising a specific step you feel joyful, you can stick to this step for more time. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable while practising another step, you can leave it aside at the moment. Of course, you can make a second try a couple of days later. In the next post we will talk about how to find the correct posture for your meditation. See you there!

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