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Hello, I am Fotis De Tao. I am a certified meditation teacher. I am also a certified audio engineer and a music teacher for over a decade. I teach my students music production, guitar and healing music. I also manage to teach my students the importance of the emotions while playing an instrument or producing music. In the past, I have participated in many music bands as a live performer and sound engineer. I really enjoyed my life at the gigs but, for me, music was always something bigger than frequencies and tributes to big bands. At the age of fourteen I started to compose my own music. Only a small part of my composed music has been shared with people. Most of my music has one listener (me) and one really important purpose. My music was an effort to release the huge negative energy which was accumulated inside my body. That energy was coming from the pressure that people around me pushed on me. A pressure to become someone who never be able to be. A pressure which me myself gave people the right to push on me. The bigger the pressure, the bigger the negativity inside me. The bigger the negativity the bigger the desire to compose and perform extreme music. At that age I was that sensitive, kind and even shy guy. Always so low profile. Always so calm and peaceful. People were always surprised when they discovered that not only did I listen, not only did I perform but I also composed my own extreme metal music. They wondered: “how was it possible for a peaceful child like me to compose such aggressive music?” The answer is simple. If I didn’t compose angry music, I would become angry myself. When I composed and performed my own aggressive music coming from the negative emotions inside me, I always found internal peace. Aggressive music was my medicine for the negativity of the world. This music really helped me to release pressure, manage my emotions and prevent a huge emotional explosion.

Growing up and coming through from a variety of mistakes and bad decisions, I discovered that releasing negative energy is not enough. This is when I discovered the Tao. In the beginning, Tao looked a bit difficult for me to follow its practices. But, one day there was an enlightenment. I discovered that Tao and music are two different languages which talk about exactly the same thing. Energy! My studies in audio engineering helped me to realize this similarity. Everything that Tao said was instantly translated into music with the help of audio engineering. I discovered that both energy and music are just vibrations. Then I realized what I did wrong all these years. I realized that I used only one part of music letting the most important part aside. Music was always a way to release negative energy but Tao taught me that releasing energy is just one part of healing yourself. The most important part is to convert negative energy to positive. Then, a strange idea came into my mind. I studied Tao in a full time basis. My idea was to practise Tao and convert its techniques to music. This way I could be able to understand them deeper. The result was amazing! I started to understand Tao deeper and deeper. At the same time, my music became more and more healing, more and more powerful! I started to change my emotional world deeper. I designed an educational program of Tao based on music. I converted every Tao practice I knew into a music experience. The result was mind-blowing. I started to grow emotionally very fast but the most important is that a program designed based on music is, of coarse, a very entertaining program far from the kind of boring meditation techniques I practised earlier.

Having a successful experience with this experiment, I thought that maybe this technique will also help other people to understand the Tao better in a more musical way. Most of the people are familiar with music (even just as listeners). I tested this technique to people who enjoy music but have no music education at all. The result was also very encouraging. These people enjoyed short experiences of calmness, harmony and excitement. This is where I decided to work on this technique seriously and build an educational project with courses and guided meditations which can completely transform you from zero to a deep meditation practitioner in the smoothest, and most entertaining way.

Now having a huge knowledge on this subject which came from a long research, lots of experiments, lots of studies in holistic medicines like Tao and Ayurveda and a many years experience in audio engineering and healing music teaching, it is time to share this technique with you, making a wish that you will appreciate my gift and you will help me create an emotionally balanced world for our children!

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