What is I.M. Meditation?

I.M. Meditation which stands for “Internal Melody Meditation”, is a meditation technique that combines the ancient philosophy of Tao with the modern science of sound therapy. Using music (which is basically a combination of sounds), I.M. Meditation can lead you, in the most entertaining way, to the deepest paths of your internal world.

Using these simple, yet powerful, techniques which you can learn via these articles and step by step guides, you will learn how to convert easily your energy to music, so you can discover the hidden secrets of your emotional world. Later on, you will learn how to convert music to bio-electro-magnetic energy so this energy can work beneficially for you.

How does it work?

I.M. Meditation is basically the soundtrack that you create for the movie of your life. Since music is a combination of sounds that react together and create vibrations the same way as your cells do, it is the best tool you can use in order to reprogram your body. The result of this reprogramming is the harmonious movement of your energy. Harmonious movement of your energy means harmony in your life. When you achieve to coordinate the energy that comes out of your emotions with the energy of the music you create, you are on the right path for your internal peace.

The technique of I.M. Meditation

I.M. Meditation is separated in three stages. Every stage is represented by a different type of sound. In nature, there are three basic types of sound. Transients, periodic sounds and noises. Each of them  has different properties that can work beneficially for you.

The first stage you meet in this technique is the “stage of transients”. Transients have the property to activate your energy and warm up your body so it can accept easily any change that comes out. When you have a fully activated energy and a prepared body, it is time for the second stage.

The second stage is the stage of periodic sounds. Periodic sounds can really help you to trasform your internal world, in the smoothest way, in a more balanced version of it. Finally, when you have coordinate yourself with your energy and you have made the changes you wanted to do, it is time for the last stage of I.M. Meditation.

The third stage is the stage of noises. Noises are the perfect tool for you to clear any negative energy has left inside you. Noises can literally carry away any negativity out of your body. This way, you achieve the best clearance of your internal world is seconds!

Who is I.M. Meditation for?

Of course, this procedure is not able to completely change your life at first try. The goal of I.M. Meditation is to help you train yourself on a daily basis so it can solve the problems on its own whenever is needed, while you focus on your everyday tasks. I.M. Meditation doesn’t solve the malfunctions inside you. It trains your body to fix them on its own. So, if you are looking for magic staff that solve everything at once, I’m afraid that I.M. Meditation is not for you. On the other hand, if you are a person who really has the desire to work for your internal peace and spend valueable time with your body, I.M. Meditation is a powerful and very entertaining tool for you. A tool which can lead you to the deepest depths of your internal world. If you are ready for this joyful journey, if you are ready to discover all the tiny secrets your body has kept away of your conscious mind, follow my profile and you will find plenty of simple guides for this journey.

Fotis De Tao.

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