Will you help us create the most entertaining online meditation school?

Hello everyone! I created this post to inform you that with your support you gave me so much energy to work hard for I.M. Meditation courses. I would like to announce to you that the I.M. Meditation Instructor Course is already done (except the assessments) and published on my website: https://immeditation.com/i-m-meditation-courses / The other threeContinue reading “Will you help us create the most entertaining online meditation school?”

What energy really is?

Energy! What is energy? Every different philosophy / science has given energy a different definition. This has resulted in letting people be confused about what energy really is. Having this confusing explanations about energy, no one can understand the nature of the energy. In this section I will explain to you the energy as IContinue reading “What energy really is?”

Stretching and meditation

You might have heard many meditation teachers talking about the importance of stretching before your meditation session. Many meditation classes start with a short session of stretching during the relaxation procedure. In yoga, which is basically a meditation lifestyle, there are plenty of stretching exercises. So, why is stretching so important for your meditation journey?Continue reading “Stretching and meditation”

Will you help me to spread love and kindness to the world?

Hello my friends! This post is about how to spread love and kindness to the world. If you believe that we need to do something so we can eliminate violence and encourage love and kindness to people, please read this until the end! First of all, thank you so much for showing interest for thisContinue reading “Will you help me to spread love and kindness to the world?”

The importance of distractions in meditation

Imagine this: You go to your favorite meditation place. Let’s say a wonderful beach. You have arrived there just before the sunset. You have choosen your favorite meditation posture, you observe the colors in the sky, you enjoy the sunset, you are ready to deepen inside you and receive the beauty of what you experienceContinue reading “The importance of distractions in meditation”

How music affects psychology and vice versa

Music! A powerful tool which can affect your psychology so much. It is true that music has psychoacoustic properties which can activate any of your emotions, most of the times, instantly. But, how can music affect your emotional world so much? It’s all about vibrations. In reality, music is just a combination of sounds. SoundContinue reading “How music affects psychology and vice versa”

Why is it important for all of us to sing

Some people were born blessed with the gift of a smooth voice. Others were born with the gift of a perfect musical ear able to recognize very easily every little detail of the music they perform or listen to. Others lack any of these music talents. Me, although I am a music teacher now, IContinue reading “Why is it important for all of us to sing”

Baby Breathing

Have you ever heard about baby breathing? Or in other words embryonic breathing? This is one of the most important techniques in I.M. Meditation method. Baby breathing is basically the technique that babies breathe. Everyone used to breathe using this technique when we were babies but while growning up we trained ourselves to lose theContinue reading “Baby Breathing”

Music And Emotions

Music is a very poweful tool. It can affect your psychology very fast. Remember the last time you listened to a happy song being in a bad mood and you got high before the song ended. Or the opposite. Remember the last time you where high and while listening to a sad song your psychologyContinue reading “Music And Emotions”

Emotions (the strange transformation of them)

Emotions. We all experience a variety of emotions every day. Some are positive while others negative. Some are stronger while others are weaker. There are also situations in which we experience mixed emotions. In reality, every moment of our lives we experience mixed emotions. Why? Because every emotion we experience is a combination of positiveContinue reading “Emotions (the strange transformation of them)”