I.M. Meditation Advanced Trainer Course

This course is the highest level of Trainer certificates. This is the next and final stop after the Intermediate Trainer Course.

In this course you will learn everything you need to know about the actual I.M. Meditation Technique. This is a very entertaining and powerful technique which can help you and your students reach higher levels of meditation even without having a big experience.

Knowing this technique you can also help your students and organize advanced meditation sessions for total beginners. It sounds crazy but it can happen. With the right guidance, this meditation can lead you to really deep experiences. And this is what you can offer to your students. Besides, I.M. Meditation is an advanced meditation technique designed for beginners.

The I.M. Meditation technique is separated in three stages. “The stage of transients” which is like the warm up of your meditation, “The stage of periodic sounds” which is the core of this technique, and the stage of “Noises” which is the relaxation.

This technique requires an excellent knowledge of the Beginner and Intermediate Meditations. That’s why by joining this course you will be able to join the Beginner Trainer and Intermediate Trainer Courses as well.

In order to receive your certificate as an I.M. Meditation Advanced Trainer you need to:

  • Three months practise at home the three beginner meditations
  • Beginner Trainer Certificate
  • Three months practise at home the three intermediate meditations
  • Intermediate Certificate
  • Six months practise at home Advanced meditations (keep in mind that the six months of practise at home starts after you receive the Intermediate Certificate)
  • Successfully passed all the assessments of this course.

This course is ideal for those who want to help people live really deep meditation experiences.

In order to join this course you need to subscribe to the Advanced Trainer Membership.

Are you ready for this?

Price: 30€ per month

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