I.M. Meditation Beginner Trainer Course

This course is about how to start your journey as a meditator and meditation trainer as well.

This course has everything you need so you can fully understand the three basic meditations of I.M. Meditation technique. “Conscious Observation”, “Anapanasati”, “Emotional Melody”.

These meditations can help you enter the world of meditation in the smoothest way. You can also use these meditations to help others start their own meditation journey. They are easy, entertaining and very effective meditation tools. They will help you understand what meditation is all about, how to become present, how to observe yourself and how to use music (and sound) beneficially for your emotional world.

The course has been designed in order to cover everyone’s need. That’s why you will find videos, audios, texts and guided meditations as well. The fourth module is an extract from the I.M. Meditation Instructor course. This is a text only module which will help you understand how to teach a meditation technique to others. It will also give you a lot of information about how to prevent or deal with difficult situations.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to start a joyful meditation journey or/and spread that knowledge everywhere!

In order to be able to take your certificate as a Beginner Trainer you need to:

  • Three months practise at home for all the meditations of the course
  • Successfully passed all the assesments of the course

In order to join this course you need to subscribe to the “Beginner Trainer” Membership.

Are you ready to start?

Price: 10€ per month (you can cancel any time).

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