I.M. Meditation Instructor Course

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This course has been designed to guide you deeper to the techniques of the “Trainer” programs and transform you to a skillful I.M. Meditation Instructor. In these carefully designed modules you will find plenty of information, exercises and guided meditations which can help you walk your meditation path and become a skillful Instructor. Furthermore you will discover the deeper mechanisms and philosophy behind the meditation techniques of this method.

Every module helps you prepare yourself for the next one. Furthermore, at the end of every module you will find some exercises which help you understand deeper what you have read. This way, your transition from one module to the other will be smooth. The changes inside you will become in the smoothest way without even noticing them. Your meditation journey will become a joyful experience combined with the required knowledge to become a skillful Instructor.

At the end of every module you will also find an assessment which ensures you have completely understood what you have read.

If you have succeed to all the assesments and have passed all the I.M. Meditation Trainer courses, you will receive a certification which confirms that you are a skillful I.M. Meditation Instructor ready to spread the Internal Melody Meditation philosophy to the world. If you not make it, don’t worry. You will have the opportunity to correct your mistakes and have a second, third or as many tries as needed with no extra costs. We are here to help you become a skillful I.M. Meditation Instructor. We need people like you to spread love and kindness to the world!

In the modules of this course you will have the opportunity to discover:

  1. The basic principles of meditation
  2. Understanding the energy
  3. Our emotional world
  4. The beneficial properties of the sound
  5. The therapeutic properties of music
  6. The procedure, modes and levels of awareness of I.M. Meditation
  7. The stage of transients
  8. The stage of periodic sounds
  9. The stage of noises
  10. How to teach I.M. Meditation

In order to join the course you need to subscribe to the Instructor Membership.

Are you ready to spread kindness to the world? Join the course today!

Price: 60€ per month (you can cancel any time).

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