I.M. Meditation Intermediate Trainer Course

This course is about Intermediate meditations. It is the next stop after the Beginner Trainer Course. In this course you will learn everything you need to know about the three intermediate meditations which are: “Baby Breathing”, “Microcosmic Orbit”, “The Sounds”.

These meditations will help you move to the next meditation level learning how to control your breath and breathe deeper, how to feel and manage your energy and how to deal with extreme energies and strong emotions.

One more time you can use these meditations as meditation tools which can help your students move to the next level as well.

In order to understand the content of these meditations it requires a good knowledge of I.M. Meditation Beginner Trainer meditations. That’s why by subscribing to this level you also be able to join the Beginner Trainer Course.

In order to be able to take your certificate as a Intermediate Trainer you need:

  • Three months practise at home at Beginner Trainer Level Meditations.
  • Beginner Trainer Meditation Certificate
  • Three months practise at home at Intermediate Trainer Level Meditations (keep in mind that the three months for intermediate training starts to count after successfully passed all the Beginner Trainer Assessments).
  • Succesfully passed all the assessments of this course

In order to join this course you need to subscribe to the Intermediate Trainer Membership.

Are you ready to start?

Price: 20€ per month (you can cancel any time)

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